Educational platform

Webinars is a new generation learning platform solution. Be a creative lecturer, share your knowledge and get paid for your work, or watch recorded Webinars (web seminars) made by others. Learn as you would, normally and naturally, in real-life scenarios: seeing and hearing a speaker with support from a whiteboard, slides and additional files.

Courses & Live Events
Two different workflows for your educational needs
Documents sharing
Share additional materials attached
to your lectures
Live video & audio streaming
Live stream video & audio using microphone and webcamera
Real-time drawing
Use the built-in drawing board
for sketching your ideas
Cost-effective education
Broaden your knowledge at
reasonable price
Webinars is an advanced tool for managing educational content easily. Using our webapp for creating, streaming and storing data is finally easy to do. What is more, the application is 100% web based. No installing of any special software on to your hard drive is required.
Courses are splitted into smaller parts — Lectures. Each Lecture consists of one or more recording(s) (seminar session) with presentations and documents. All Courses and Lectures are listed on the Courses subpage.
Live Events enables users to plan and conduct live seminars over the Internet, sharing or watching live audio/video streams with support from presentations, a drawing board and a chat. Live Events are listed on the Live Events subpage.

Perfect for all your educational needs

Perfect for individuals

  • Get additional source of income selling content multiple times
  • Promote yourself as an expert on a global market

Perfect for professionals

  • Increase your educational services outreach globally
  • Double-earn with already produced content

Perfect for business

  • Provide product & services trainings for your business partners
  • Acquire new customers thanks to better visibility

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